We estimate that around 45-40% of your staff will get vaccinated at work but we also know that there can be differences in the uptake in different businesses and it can be hard to know exactly how many of your staff will want to get vaccinated, especially if you haven't offered staff flu vaccinations previously.  So, VaxWorks will only ever charge you for the number of vaccines we administer (subject to meeting our minimum number of vaccines requested requirement - which is just 10 people to be vaccinated).

Our nurses will almost always have spare vaccines with them, so if you find that more staff are wanting to get vaccinated than you expected, we will offer them a service and the only extra cost is the per person price that we quoted you in our proposal.

On the other hand, if fewer staff get vaccinated than you expected and you did not exceed our recommendation that 40% of your staff would get vaccinated, we will only charge you for the vaccines we administer.

The only time we will apply a charge if less staff are vaccinated than you expected is if you:

  1. Estimate more than 40% of your staff are going to get vaccinated; and
  2. The number of staff we vaccinated on the day is at least 10 fewer than you estimated.

In this event, we will simply apply a fee to cover the cost of the nurse's time.

The best way to avoid the possibility of this cost is to ensure your estimate of the number of vaccines does not exceed 40% of your workforce.

For more information on why we suggest an estimate of 40% of your staff, click HERE.