The number of staff getting vaccinated at a workplace flu vaccination clinic can and does vary, however, we usually recommend that you estimate that 40% of your staff will get vaccinated on the day of your clinic for a range of reasons. 

While there will be some staff who do not agree with vaccination or do not see the value of the flu vaccination - this is not 60% of your staff.  

Some of your staff may prefer to get vaccinated by their GP or at a pharmacy, they may be eligible for a government-funded vaccine or need the vaccine specifically designed for people over 65. 

There are also a variety of practical reasons that staff cannot make it to the clinic, such as: 

  • annual leave;
  • sick leave;
  • an RDO;
  • Being in a meeting or offsite; or
  • simply having a deadline to meet.

Each one of these reasons will have a small effect but their collective impact will have a much greater effect.

A participation rate of 40% or less is still quite sufficient to provide a benefit for your staff and to provide savings, from absenteeism and lost productivity, well in excess of the cost of your clinic.