As a health service, getting vaccinated against the flu remains a critically important service for your staff and the risk to your staff and our nurse at a flu vaccination clinic is low provided we all follow the precautions advised by health experts, including the following recommendations:

  • Consider holding clinics in larger areas to observe social/physical distancing;
  • If a large number of people are attending the clinic, consider options to assist with crowd control and designate a staff member to monitor flow of individuals lining up when first presenting, and those waiting pre and post vaccination;
  • Where possible, have separate areas or walk-through options. For example, people enter in one door and exit out another;
  • Encourage hand washing, or using hand sanitiser provided before entering and exiting the premises;
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces regularly, such as door and cupboard handles, lift buttons, phones, light switches, etc.;
  • People must not attend the clinic if they have any symptoms of a respiratory infection, or they have recently returned from overseas or COVID hotspots (see current updates for the latest directions); and
  • Consider having larger waiting areas with seats that are spaced to ensure social/physical distancing measures are adhered to.