In simplest terms, the best time to hold a flu vaccination clinic is the time that best suits your staff. Waiting for the "perfect" time could leave your workplace vulnerable to an early outbreak even though the flu season in most parts of Australia does not usually begin until mid-June. 

The flu vaccine takes time to produce and may not be available in some years until late March so at VaxWorks, we do not generally offer flu vaccination clinics until early April.  Additionally, your body needs two weeks after a shot to develop a protective response to the influenza virus, so you should arrange your clinic before early June, if possible.

Please be aware that Easter and school holidays in April can also mean that more staff are on holidays during April so an early clinic may not be suitable for all workplaces  but on the other hand, there is no need to be concerned that the effectiveness of the flu vaccine will wear off before the end of the flu season.  For most people, a yearly flu vaccination offers protection for almost a year. However, some studies suggest that the benefit of vaccination begins to decline after four to six months, but this effect is more noticeable in older individuals and is often not seen in working-age adults.