At VaxWorks, we aim to be as transparent with our costs as possible.  Our booking fee is a separate cost to recognise that regardless of how many of your staff are vaccinated, there are some fixed costs that change very little regardless of how big or small your clinic is.  These include such things as:

  • the travel time to get to your clinic (this is 15-30 minutes for most metropolitan clinics);
  • the time it takes to set up your clinic (10-15 minutes);
  • the time our nurse needs to remain onsite after your clinic has been completed (15 minutes);
  • the time it takes to schedule each clinic.; and
  • the time it takes to ensure the nurse has sufficient supplies for each clinic.

By separating this fixed cost out so as to offset the value of the time that is spent on activities that are a cost for us, we are also able to provide you with a lower price per vaccination and less variability in your final cost for your program.