From 1 May, 2020,  the Australian Department of Health made flu vaccination mandatory for all staff and visitors who are entering a residential aged care facility, and aged care providers must sight appropriate evidence of immunisation status

from visitors and workers.

To assist aged care providers and other organisations who need or want to maintain a register of staff and visitor flu vaccinations to meet these requirements,  VaxWorks is able to provide a register which captures the vaccinations given by us as well as vaccines given by other providers such as GPs, pharmacies or at other workplaces.

When staff and visitors are asked to provide evidence of vaccinations given elsewhere, they are directed to a webpage where they upload their evidence.  A representative of your organisation can then log on to review the evidence provided.  Once the evidence has been accepted, the staff member/visitor receives an email which they can then use on future visits to demonstrate they have provided their vaccination record. 

The register provides ongoing evidence that the organisation has complied with this requirement while avoiding the need for staff and visitors to continue provide their evidence every visit.