Yes.  There can be a variety of reasons that you may want to hold more than one clinic at a location.  These can include the need to cover different shifts who may not all be at work at the same time or it could be that you have more staff than can be vaccinated in a single day.  If you require this, you can change the number of clinics in our online booking form when completing this and the system will automatically add a second (or third) clinic and divide the number of vaccinations evenly between the clinics.  You can also change the number of appointments for each clinic if you need to.

If you have a larger clinic (generally more than 100 vaccinations) and you are only planning a single clinic, we suggest you consider offering multiple clinics as it does not add a lot to the cost of your program but can improve access to your clinic for busy staff who could not attend your first clinic and maximises the benefit of your program.