The COVID-19 vaccine is likely to still be some months away from being available and initially only be available for Health Care Workers, older people and people with other risk factors.

However, once the vaccine is available more broadly, it is expected to be available to all Australians later in 2021.

The National COVID-19 Vaccination Policy includes a number of strategies to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to Australians including "Workplace vaccinations. Some larger corporations and high risk workplaces may establish workplace vaccination clinics in partnership with State and Territory health services or private providers. "

VaxWorks Health Services is certainly preparing internal plans on how to most effectively assist in the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, however, at this stage, it is too early to have a clear picture of our specific role in this program and our involvement would be undertaken collaboratively with State and Territory Health Departments who will be responsible for the delivery of the vaccine program out to their communities.

As more information becomes available we will certainly update our clients.