Once you have accepted the date that we propose for your clinic, it is time to promote your clinic to your staff and encourage them to book in using the resources we provide. This is very easy and can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • emailing staff with a link to book their own appointment online;
  • Putting posters up around the workplace with a QR code that we supply so staff can book their appointment on their own phone; or
  • Walking around the workplace with an internet-enabled tablet to allocate staff their own appointment time. Your staff then get emailed a link to finish booking their appointment online.

There are other resources available to you to help with this such as an email template as well as a range of informative and engaging images and videos using the Umbilical Brothers should you wish to set up a simple webpage on your office intranet.

Staff will of course still be able to come to the clinic without an appointment but because we need to collect some extra information about them so we can add their vaccination record to the Australian Immunisation Register, we will be asking them to register online before they see the nurse.  This will be able to be done on their own phone with a QR code or using an internet-enabled tablet which we ask each workplace to provide for their clinic.