Our nurse will arrive at about 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your clinic - in enough time to be able to set up before the clinic is due to commence.  As we are a mobile service, it is not always possible to predict traffic but if the nurse is unexpectedly delayed, we will always do our best to notify you of this.  The nurse may also call you as they are arriving, particularly if they need extra information on where they need to go.

Prior to the nurse's arrival, we do ask that you clean the area and provide sanitizer as part of creating a COVID-safe environment.  The nurse will need a space that provides privacy for your staff and has at least a table, two chairs and a waste paper basket (we will remove any contaminated/infectious waste at the conclusion of the clinic).

Prior to your clinic, you will receive an email with a QR Code so any staff who did not make an appointment can register online using their phone before seeing the nurse.  We would also suggest providing an ineternet-enabled tablet at the clinic for any staff without phones.  This will be very helpful to avoid unnecessary delays from people registering when they see the nurse

We would ask that the staff arrive at their allocated time to avoid over-crowding and if their workspace is fairly close to the clinic, and are not using heavy machinery, staff can immediately return to their workspace.  Otherwise, we would ask that staff remain in the vicinity of the clinic for 15 minutes as a precaution in the unlikely event they experience a bad reaction to the vaccine.  The vaccination itself only takes about two minutes.

At the conclusion of the clinic, our nurse will remain onsite for 15 minutes - again as a precaution in the unlikely event any staff experience a bad reaction to the vaccine.  

Once the clinic is over, we will also provide a record of the staff who were vaccinated at the clinic.